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La Carta


  • Three of a Sorbets on chocolate carth, hazelnuts, berries and mango jam

  • Bavarian Fresh cheese with raspberry and mashed apple

  • Yoghurt mousse with artichokes compote in mango sauce

  • Apple millefeuille and burncream with caramel sauce

  • Lemon Sorbet

  • Passion-fruit Sorbet

  • Blackberry Sorbet

  • Mojito Sorbet

  • Black chocolate custard with berries and white grappes

  • Rum crème caramel

  • Fresh pineapple

  • Tiramisu

  • Brownie cocoa and nuts with cherry jam and fake caviar lime and mango

  • Chocolate fondant with bitter orange and almonds chips

  • Apple pie

  • Cocot Mousse Lemon-chocolate with mango

  • Chocolate coulant in orange sauce with vanilla ice-cream

  • Nougat with chocolate and caramel sauce

  • Carrot Cake

  • Whisky Cake

  • Poker crocant Cake

  • Canadá Cake

  • STAR DESSERT( min. 2 pers.)

  • Creppes “Sancho Panza”

  • Implementado y diseñado por @SilmarWeb